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Tutoring services are designed for students currently enrolled in a Spanish class. A student might want to have a tutor if they are struggling with their class or if they simply want to get ahead of the game. I help students to understand difficult concepts and to practice what they've learned to become more confident and comfortable using Spanish.

Student on a Break


  • Personal attention tailored to your or your child's needs and abilities.

  • Individualized help with trouble areas in Spanish.

  • Conversation and grammar practice at your pace, with your learning style in mind.

  • Study tips and tricks to help you absorb the material.

  • Appointments scheduled at a time and location convenient for you.

  • Regular or occasional sessions: keep up with a class or get one-time help to prep for an exam.


Teens & Library


  • Tutoring for two to four students at a time.

  • All students must be enrolled in the same class.

  • Help with trouble areas common to the group, and additional practice of concepts covered in your class.

  • Appointments scheduled at a time and location convenient to the group.

  • Great option for those looking to improve speaking and communication abilities.

  • Regular or occasional sessions available


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