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Private lessons are for self-directed Spanish learners who are not currently enrolled in a Spanish class or who want to learn Spanish language beyond the scope of their current class. Perhaps you want to learn enough Spanish to  take a trip to Costa Rica, or perhaps you want to increase your earning potential by adding Spanish proficiency to your résumé. Or maybe you just want to enrich your life by learning to communicate in another language. If this is you, I can help.

Open Book


  • Curriculum designed specifically for you and your goals.

  • Personal instruction tailored to your needs and abilities.

  • Instruction for beginners to advanced students--start from scratch, brush off rusty skills, or polish your Spanish.

  • Conversation and grammar practice at your pace, with your learning style in mind.

  • Study tips and tricks to help you absorb the material.

  • Appointments scheduled at a time and location convenient for you.

  • Ongoing or single sessions.


Looking over the campaign


  • Private lessons for your group of two or more people.

  • Curriculum designed to meet the goals common to the group.

  • Instruction tailored to the abilities and interests of the the members of the group.

  • Confidence building through communication practice in Spanish with the other group members.

  • Activities designed to promote the active use of Spanish.

  • Appointments scheduled at a time and location convenient to the group.

  • Ongoing or single sessions available.

$40/hour per student

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